Anarkist Beer and Food Lab

Every evening of the festival program ends at Anarkist Beer and Food Lab in Odense, to live music in a relaxed environment.

Contact Anarkist for opening hours and menus during festival days.

Live music starts at 22:00.


Anarkist | BEER & FOOD LAB
Albanigade 20, 5000 Odense

After concert program

This year, Dreamers’ Circus is featured on the festival's AFTER CONCERT program.

The Danish/Swedish trio Dreamers’ Circus begins with folk music and then expands that sound across all genres. Every night, a section of the trio’s setlist is set aside for music by Carl Nielsen, who in addition to symphonies, concerts and chamber music, is known for his numerous songs and folk melodies. Expect the unexpected because at any moment, musical stars and special friends of the trio might join them on stage for a surprise performance.

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